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Model Inc - Models Direct - Blue Rooms

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1Model Inc - Models Direct - Blue Rooms Empty Model Inc - Models Direct - Blue Rooms Mon Jan 12, 2009 3:34 am


I applied for Models Inc in London and they said for them to take me on I need some professional pictures so they booked me in at Blue Rooms Studio in London, I had my make up done, the shoot and then the chance to go through my pictures, no cost was mentioned before the shoot and once I had choose the shots I wanted I was told it would cost £450 for around 7-10 shots, I did fall for this and paid for the images, after the shoot I didnt hear from Models Inc again, I have heard many stories about them and I think they have changed their name to Models Direct now.

2Model Inc - Models Direct - Blue Rooms Empty Diesel Model / Blue Rooms Mon Jan 12, 2009 3:55 am


I also had the same experiance at Blue Rooms, i was contacted by Diesel Models who told me i had won a compertition out of around 300 girls, at the time i was so excited and jumped at the chance to go to Blue Rooms to have my what i though was a free shoot, I went had my pictures took, sat down look at them was amazed because i looked so different, and bought the lot after the tog told me i could be huge, the cost of that was £800 pound and none of the pictures were edited, but because i was new to the whole model thing i didnt realise, it wasnt until no agencies would take me on if i had pictures from them that i realised they were a scam.


i went to diesel models once aswell....they charged me but i
was glad it happened because now i no what to watch out for.

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